Monday, February 20, 2012

Macy's and Jcpenny Haul

:) Hey guys, I'm back in SD for President's weekend, and my parents are cute as ever. Now that I'm in college, I realize how important family is, and I miss my parents so much when I'm off at the dorms ^_^ hehe. Anyhoo, my mommy wanted to take me shopping, being that there are sales this weekend and she wanted to get me some new clothes. The first store we went to was Macy's. My mom is like...the most devoted Macy's shopper. haha its super cute! She gets all excited and looks through all the sales racks. I ended up getting two items. First, this awesome fuzzy vest!
It's from Madonna's line, Material Girl. I've been really trying to find a nice fuzzy jacket, one of those vintage ones, but they are way too expensive :[. Even the fuzzy vests are overpriced, around $100 bucks each! The guess one I had been eyeing was $150. :*( so sad. Anyhoo, that's why I was super excited when I saw this vest on the sales rack. Guess how much it was? Only $14! eeeh what a steal :D

Then, my mom found this blazer for me. I LOVE BLAZERS! Especially well tailored and well designed ones. This one is from calvin klein and I just love everything about it- the color, the cut, and even the tag is adorable. This was around $30 dollars (on sale), but with my mom's coupons and her discount, we got it for only $17! yippee. :)

After Macy's, we stopped by at Jcpenny. They are having a CRAZY sale, with prices as low as $1! Amazing, huh? My mom found me a nice pair of jeans from MNG(mango brand). It was originally $49, but we got it on sale for $12. They are a bit too long for me, but with wedges, they will be perfect. They make my legs look really slim :P which of course, is a huge plus.

Then I got these dearfoam slippers, for only $2! I love these things, feels like walking on clouds.

Lastly, I got something super silly :P It's a cat critter headband. Haha, such an impulse buy, but I love it! Especially the rediculous fuzz balls on each side. And I got this for only $1! steal!
me wearing them(haha rediculous!):

well, thats about it for my haul, hope you guys are having a fun and safe president's weekend. Until next time!
<3 jess