Thursday, October 2, 2014

This weeks Craigslist Flips

Now that school has started back up again, it's time for me to get back to business. To me, this is the best time to sell household items that people need. Freshman often need shower caddies, sheets, dorm decor items, and any space saving organizers. Returning students need items for their new apartments, usually routers, kitchen appliances, desks, and chairs. Also, being that the next two weeks will be filled with rush events, it is also a great time to sell heels and party dresses.
Incoming freshman also means brand new customers. These students are often less likely to haggle and will pay higher prices because they are still new to the school buy/sell system. As these students move through the year, they will become more bargain savvy. Beginning of quarters/semesters also always means Fafsa money for students. Although we would like to think most students spend this money on school supplies(textbooks, calculators, etc), they often splurge and go on shopping sprees. This often bites them in the butt when later in the quarter they are so money strapped they are forced to eat ramen for the rest of the quarter. Hahaha ^^. All in all, I believe that the next few weeks are the best times for me to sell.
The following items are all items I got for free on the free and for sale section of craigslist a while back. With further ado, to the sales!

1) graphic maps backpack-$9

I snatched up this backpack at the same place I got the sperrys from. I sold this the day after the second time I posted. I realize now that I posted a bit too early the first time(a few days before everyone got back for school). The girl I sold the backpack to even messaged me after to tell me she loved the backpack. :) So glad to find this backpack a good home. 

2) Shower Caddy(hangs on shower head and holds shampoo and soap)-$4
Got this guy from a free estate sale a while back. Being that so many students have just moved into their new places, I knew this would be useful for someone. Being that it's brand new with tags, the buyer definitely got a good deal and I got pure profit being that I snatched it up for free.

3) Made in Germany stein glass-$4
I grabbed this at another free estate sale. I definitely was hoping to sell it for more being that it's in great condition and made in Germany. Unfortunately, these stein glasses don't sell for much, even on ebay. I originally posted this for $5 but the girl haggled it down to $4. There's been numerous interested people who have messaged me but many ended up bailing. For me, quick turnover is often more desirable than making a few bucks more, especially when the price only differs by $1. After all, I do need the space being that I replenish inventory quite regularly.

And that wraps up my craigslist sales for the week. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll be posting again very soon. Until then, tata!