Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quick Flip: Sperry's Boat Shoes

On the weekends I have a habit of periodically checking the free section of craigslist. I live in an area near many wealthy neighborhoods and it is unbelievable the type of items people give away for free. My favorite posts consist of leftovers from garage sales and estate sales. Often, they still have amazing, high quality items that people did not buy because A) it was priced too high or B) it's a kitschy item with a specific niche market. I often think of these opportunities as treasure troves full of potential gold at no cost. This Sunday I was lucky enough to stumble upon a garage sale leftover post that was 10 minutes away. When I arrived, a lady had already picked through the items but I was still able to grab some great items before others came. One of the items I picked up was a pair of leather Sperry boat shoes(size 9 1/2). 

Boat shoes are hot right now, even crocs have their own version. However, The brand that started the trend was sperrys. These shoes usually retail for $80-$140, depending on the style. They are made of genuine leather, and it seems that right now almost every guy has at least one pair. Needless to say, I felt these would be an easy sell. After picking these up, I cleaned up the leather using leather CPR and scrubbed the bottoms using Ajax bleach powder, all while watching some netflix hehe. After a good scrubbing, the shoes looked almost brand new! I quickly posted pictures and these babies were sold within 3 days for $25. After having to move from my old apartment, I realized that the key to success is quick turnover. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this lil post. More posts to come! Tata for now :)

Much love,