Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sales! Sales! Sales! (Items Sold Thus Far)

Hey y'all,
I am going to try and make this post short and sweet, but you all know me. I love to blabber, so let's see if I can take on this challenge!

As I previously mentioned, I desperately need $ right now. Monthly rent is $760, groceries are close to $100-$150 a month, and gas is another $50-60 (depending on my driving habits). Utilities are another $50 a month. In total, I need at least 1 G just to survive each month. Adult life ain't cheap at ALL.

I have been religiously posting on free and for sale fb pages for the past month or so, and I wanted to share some of the items I have sold. (Note: not all of my sold items will be listed, as I deleted a lot of the pictures, so I don't have them anymore to show you all. However, I am going to share the pictures I do have). Off to the sold items:
1) Lumpy Space Princess Leotard-$6
I got this from "Thrift Traders" using the trade credit I received. Cost "$5.99". I was originally asking for $8 during the summer, but I didn't sell it (a lot of interested people, but all of them flaked). In the end, I sold it to a girl for $6. Got my initial investment back, so I'm happy!

2) Metal Wrap Bracelet-$2
I bought this from Thriftology for $3. I originally purchased this for my "Mad-Max" inspired wasteland warrior costume. However, I never ended up completing the costume, so I never ended up wearing this bracelet. I sold this to a student during what I call a "trunk sale". I packed my trunk full of the stuff I was selling and brought my "store" to her. This is the second trunk sale I have had! She only spent $18 for her whole haul, but it was nice to get rid of junk and get more spending money for my necessities (ahem rent). She paid $2 for this. :( Lost $1 on this investment, but hey, you win some, you lose some.

3) Vintage Teal Adidas Tank Top- $5
I bought this at Goodwill Outlet with the sole intention of selling it. I priced it at $8 but the girl haggled me down to $5. She was the only one to message me! :( I am really surprised, being that Adidas is so big right now, but I guess it didn't peak anyone else's interest. Invested less than 20 cents for it, so it was a pretty decent profit.

4) Brandy Melville Skirt- $7
I bought this at Lincoln Thrift Store for $2. Sold it for $7, so I got a good $5 profit on it. I use to love wearing it with nylons, black halter top, black circle scarf, my leather jacket, and my black booties. However, the skirt is quite short, so it's a drag trying to keep my private bits private during the day. Off to a new home!

5) Hollister Sweater- $10
I got this at Goodwill Outlet for around $0.20. Sold it for $10 so its ~$10 profit. This is a really cute sweater for fall/winter. However, it is slightly see-through, which makes it a bit awkward to wear. Additionally, its like cropped, but not (short, but not short enough to feel intentionally short). In the end, I'd rather have the cash in my pocket than this in my closet. :) Hustler mentality y'all! Gotta bust my butt to pay bills.

6) F21 crop sweater-$9
I bought this originally from Crossroads Trading Co. for $3( it was originally $6, and was on sale for 50% off). I used my store trade credit to cover the purchase. So, after selling it, I got my initial investment back and $6. Not a bad deal if you ask me! I wore this a bunch two years ago, but stopped wearing it. It is always important to cleanse your wardrobe of stuff you don't wear. Being that I thrift almost all my stuff, I don't contribute as much to the current garment pollution (guiltless purchases, am I right?).

7) 11 Wooden Frames (various sizes)-$10
I bought these from Thriftology for ~$5. The were originally marked from $0.50-$1 each, but were on sale for 50% off. I sold them as a bundle for $10, so I made off with a $5 profit. I always intended to make some sort of cool wall collage art. However, they've been sitting in my garage for 2 I think it was never going to happen. Glad I sold them! The buyer seemed really keen on getting them, so I hope they get to do something cool with them.

 8) British Suspenders-$9
I bought these for $1 at the Women Helping Women (WHW) quarterly sale. I intended to sell them on etsy, but realized it wasn't worth the hassle. I honestly posted these on the for sale page just to try it out, being that I didn't think anyone would want them. However, I got a buyer, and they seemed really happy to purchase them. Glad they are going to a good home and are going to be appreciated. I know I certainly can't pull them off ^^.

So that's a large chunk of the items I sold thus far. There are more items I would like to share, so I will try my best to find those pictures so I can post those as well. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this post. Wish me luck on selling more items!

<3 love, Jess

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Buffalo Exchange: Items I Sold/Traded

Hey all,
Hope you all are having a great week thus far!

Since graduating, I have been on the hunt for a job. As I enter the good old world of "adulting", I am taking on the financial responsibilities of my own expenses, including rent, gas, and groceries. Since returning from my month long hiatus in Indiana, I have been selling stuff left and right. Not only will this help me cover my expenses, but also helps me cut down on the "crap" I have accumulated during my 5 years of undergrad. Since I have had my own room for close to 3 years now, I have come to hoard quite a load of clothes, knick knacks, and just straight up junk. It has been therapeutic, to say the least, to do a deep cleanse of my unwanted items. It doesn't hurt that I am earning some spending money in the process. I have sold a huge amount of my items thus far, and I try to post at least a few items a day on the for sale fb pages associated with my college. I will do a post within the next few days detailing the items I've sold thus far. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you all the items I traded in at Buffalo Exchange. Many of these items were posted repeatedly on the for sale pages, with no takers. As a spur of the moment decision, I packed a small reusable tote full of items yesterday and journeyed to Buffalo to try my luck. Luck was definitely on my side, as I met a buyer who was extremely generous with not only buying my items, but also pricing them. In the end, she bought the majority of my items, and I earned $65 in trade or $39 cash. Unfortunately, I committed the ultimate consignment sin and browsed around during my wait to sell. Unfortunately, and fortunately, they had received a plethora of amazing items and I ended up spending the majority of my credit on new clothes. However, I must say, I am beyond happy with my purchases, and I look forward to sharing them with you all in an upcoming post. Without further ado (a.k.a. word vomit), let's get to the goodies I sold yesterday:
1) Forever21 sheer blouse
I actually bought this shirt at a consignment store in San Diego using the cash I had earned from selling to them. If I remember correctly, this shirt cost me $10. I have been trying to sell this on for sale months now, starting the price at $10, and dropping down to $7. I would've taken $5 (tbh) but not a single soul messaged me to even inquire about it. I even stated in the sales post that I was open to offers, so I truly believe this shirt didn't peak anyone's interest. Luckily the buyer at buffalo was quite enamored with it, even commenting that it was really pretty. ^^ I believe she priced it at $14, giving me cash of ~$5 or credit of $7.

2) Ann Taylor Loft Off the Shoulder Sheer Blouse
I actually bought this during my time in Indiana. I got it from Goodwill outlet for less than 15 cents. I was hoping it would look cute on me, as I am dying to find a decent looking off the shoulder shirt, BUT when I tried it on at home, I was extremely underwhelmed. I believe the buyer priced it at $16 ($8 credit).

3) Juicy Couture Velvet Tank Top
This was 1 of the 2 surprises of the day for me. I threw it in the bag with little faith that it would sell. I have been trying to sell this for months for only $7, but just like the F21 blouse, I received no inquiries. The buyer priced this at $20, giving me credit of $10 or cash of $7. In the end, I made out with more than what I originally asked for in credit, making me an extremely happy lil thrifter. (The credit went to a good cause... ^^ Improving my wardrobe hahaha). I got this originally from Thrift Traders using trade credit ($5.99). I am still in shock at how much she priced it, being that Juicy Couture is now sold at Kohls, so all of their items have dropped dramatically in pricing in the consignment stores. However, it is quite a beautiful velvet material and extremely soft, so I guess the buyer saw the same beauty in it that I did. Unfortunately, this shirt never worked for me because my boobs do not freaking fit -_-. Ah well, more credit for shopping!

4) Army Jacket
I originally purchased this off ebay for $25. I only wore it ONCE with the shoes I sold (scroll down). In the meantime, it has been collecting dust in my closet. I was originally going to sell it as a costume for Halloween on the for sale page, but I realized it may come off as offensive to those who serve or have loved ones who serve. This is also the main reason I stopped wearing this. Luckily, the buyer took it off my hands. I believe she priced it no more than $14 ($7 credit).

5) Don Quijote Genuine Leather Pointed Toe Boots

This was the 2nd surprise of the night for me. The buyer priced them for $36 ($18 credit or $12 cash). I have been attempting to sell these for around $18-20, but I only had one interested buyer (too bad they were too big for her). I expected to sell them to Buffalo for no more than $22-$25, so I was stunned when she informed me she priced them at $36. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Best part was that this was the first item she bought. :) Definitely served as a great start to my selling.

6) Volcom Corpo Class Hat
I bought this hat originally with the intention of selling it at my school. I scooped it up at Goodwill outlet for around 20-30 cents, so it was a low risk investment. However, it seems it is really hard to sell hats to this years students. Another fellow seller was selling really nice streetwear hats for a decent price, with no buyers (that I know if). I believe she priced this for $12 ($6 credit).

7) Leith Cowl Neck Shirt
I got this for $1 at thriftology in orange. I had envisioned myself wearing this with my leather jacket and some high waist jeans, along with my black ankle booties. Such a kickass outfit, right? Unfortunately, again, fit was wonky. I do love the cowl neck trend but this just didn't work for me. Thriftology no longer has fitting rooms (they actually haven't had them for a while now), so shopping takes a lot of guess work. Luckily, Leith (a Nordstrom brand), seems favorable at Buffalo. During my browse, I came across another Leith shirt. I believe the buyer priced this at $16 ($8 credit).

In the end, I received ~$65 in store credit. So, that pretty much sums up my sales. I'll try my best to get my Buffalo Exchange haul post up within the next few days. Until then!
<3 Jess

Thursday, October 2, 2014

This weeks Craigslist Flips

Now that school has started back up again, it's time for me to get back to business. To me, this is the best time to sell household items that people need. Freshman often need shower caddies, sheets, dorm decor items, and any space saving organizers. Returning students need items for their new apartments, usually routers, kitchen appliances, desks, and chairs. Also, being that the next two weeks will be filled with rush events, it is also a great time to sell heels and party dresses.
Incoming freshman also means brand new customers. These students are often less likely to haggle and will pay higher prices because they are still new to the school buy/sell system. As these students move through the year, they will become more bargain savvy. Beginning of quarters/semesters also always means Fafsa money for students. Although we would like to think most students spend this money on school supplies(textbooks, calculators, etc), they often splurge and go on shopping sprees. This often bites them in the butt when later in the quarter they are so money strapped they are forced to eat ramen for the rest of the quarter. Hahaha ^^. All in all, I believe that the next few weeks are the best times for me to sell.
The following items are all items I got for free on the free and for sale section of craigslist a while back. With further ado, to the sales!

1) graphic maps backpack-$9

I snatched up this backpack at the same place I got the sperrys from. I sold this the day after the second time I posted. I realize now that I posted a bit too early the first time(a few days before everyone got back for school). The girl I sold the backpack to even messaged me after to tell me she loved the backpack. :) So glad to find this backpack a good home. 

2) Shower Caddy(hangs on shower head and holds shampoo and soap)-$4
Got this guy from a free estate sale a while back. Being that so many students have just moved into their new places, I knew this would be useful for someone. Being that it's brand new with tags, the buyer definitely got a good deal and I got pure profit being that I snatched it up for free.

3) Made in Germany stein glass-$4
I grabbed this at another free estate sale. I definitely was hoping to sell it for more being that it's in great condition and made in Germany. Unfortunately, these stein glasses don't sell for much, even on ebay. I originally posted this for $5 but the girl haggled it down to $4. There's been numerous interested people who have messaged me but many ended up bailing. For me, quick turnover is often more desirable than making a few bucks more, especially when the price only differs by $1. After all, I do need the space being that I replenish inventory quite regularly.

And that wraps up my craigslist sales for the week. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll be posting again very soon. Until then, tata!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quick Flip: Sperry's Boat Shoes

On the weekends I have a habit of periodically checking the free section of craigslist. I live in an area near many wealthy neighborhoods and it is unbelievable the type of items people give away for free. My favorite posts consist of leftovers from garage sales and estate sales. Often, they still have amazing, high quality items that people did not buy because A) it was priced too high or B) it's a kitschy item with a specific niche market. I often think of these opportunities as treasure troves full of potential gold at no cost. This Sunday I was lucky enough to stumble upon a garage sale leftover post that was 10 minutes away. When I arrived, a lady had already picked through the items but I was still able to grab some great items before others came. One of the items I picked up was a pair of leather Sperry boat shoes(size 9 1/2). 

Boat shoes are hot right now, even crocs have their own version. However, The brand that started the trend was sperrys. These shoes usually retail for $80-$140, depending on the style. They are made of genuine leather, and it seems that right now almost every guy has at least one pair. Needless to say, I felt these would be an easy sell. After picking these up, I cleaned up the leather using leather CPR and scrubbed the bottoms using Ajax bleach powder, all while watching some netflix hehe. After a good scrubbing, the shoes looked almost brand new! I quickly posted pictures and these babies were sold within 3 days for $25. After having to move from my old apartment, I realized that the key to success is quick turnover. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this lil post. More posts to come! Tata for now :)

Much love,

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Collective Haul: Goodwill, Sav-Mor, Yard Sale

Hey guys,
This is a collective haul that I've amassed the past week or so. Pretty lazy today, so this post will be short ^^, enjoy!

*collective haul overview:

1) "The Daily Times" Newspaper dish
-$0.95 from Sav-Mor Thrift
Such a unique dish! I think it would be a perfect jewelry holder for earrings and rings.

2) brand new "Life" board game
-$1.91 from Sav-Mor thrift
My family loves playing board games and life is one board game we've wanted for a while now. It was less than $2 and all the game pieces are still in the plastic packaging! I can't wait to bring this back home for Thanksgiving and have a family game night. :)

3) Dooney and Bourke bag
-$14.99 from Goodwill
I have always wanted a vintage D&B bag and it's perfect size as a school bag! I can fit my iPad and my various notebooks and pencils/pens. Also the colors are great, easy to match with any outfits.

not individually pictured:
4) black sneaker wedges(brand new)
-$3 from Goodwill
I got this for my roommate who has been looking high and low for a pair of sneaker wedges.
5) polaroid camera
-$1 at a yard sale :( unfortunately, it doesn't work. Sigh, the search for a vintage polaroid camera continues.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, ill be posting more soon enough, I promise!
Until then,
<3 Jess

Collective Haul- Sav-Mor Thrift and Assistance League of Santa Ana thrift shop

Hey guys,
After my mini haul at buffalo exchange, I definitely got bit by the shopping bug and I have just been itching to go thrifting! So when I finally had some down time, I hit up some of my favorite thrift stores in Santa Ana. :) first up, my finds from Sav-Mor thrift. You guys have heard me talk time and time again about this thrift store. Not only have I found some of my most unique items here but the prices are also unbeatable! The only downside is that the store is really dingy and dirty. :( I always bring hand sanitizer and wash my purchases with boiling hot water and wipe them down with anti-bacterial wipes. Also they use red permanent markers to write prices on items, which sometimes stains the items. They also staple price tags onto shoes and clothes which sometime leaves holes. Lastly, the location is a bit sketchy, but all in all, the amazing items I find keep bringing me back! So onto the goodies I found:

1) 80's vintage baroque graphic jacket-$2.92

I have been looking for a really graphically intriguing jacket and i hit jackpot when i found this jacket. I love the crazy design on it, with the outlandishly large Hermes Paris labels and the silly horseman. It's borderline tacky but that's what makes it fun! When I got home, I googled this jacket and found quite a few selling on etsy ranging from $65 all the way up to $300! They were apparently made in the 1980s-90s and I have to admit, this jacket definitely oozes that 80's vibe. As usual, I got this piece for only a few bucks! 

2) Isaac Mizrahi Blue Silk Blouse(New)-$2.92(30% off pink tag) =$2.05(final cost)

Can you believe I found a brand new designer silk shirt that still has the tags attached in a thrift store? What a find! This shirt retailed for $24.99 and came from Isaac Mizrahi's line for target. It's 100% silk and in pristine condition: no rips, tears, or stains. Literally brand new! And on top of that, the sale of the day was 30% off pink tags, so I got this for a whopping $2. Not a bad deal if you ask me ;).

Next, I hit up the Assistance league of Santa Ana thrift store right down the street. I have to say I love shopping at assistance league thrift shops. They are usually run by adorable grandmas who not only make the place clean and tidy, but also bring a warm and welcoming presence to the place. They really give individualized attention and that's the kind of costumer service that you don't get anywhere anymore.I have to say, the grandmas at the Santa Ana assistance league thrift store are some of the nicest! The day I went shopping here, the grandma there put all my items in this beautiful girly gift bag. When I commented on how cute the bag was, the grandma responded that "she wanted to do something special for me". My heart literally melted :). On top of that, she gave me a $5 off $25 coupon to use during their thanksgiving week sale. So sweet! I still can't believe how kind she was to me.
The pretty bag filled with goodies:

Take a peak inside ;) :

1) cropped red Hawaiian shirt-$3

I believe this was a shirt that was cut and cropped by the previous owner. However the cut fits my petite frame perfectly! This has come to be one of my favorite shirts and looks amazing with high waist jeans, bootie wedges, and my leather hat. This shirt has that urban outfitters feel to me :p without the rediculous price tag!

2) tribal print button up with brass buttons-$3

I actually bought this shirt to sell being that tribal is so in right now. I thought the brass buttons really gave it a nice detailed touch.
(* ended up selling this to a vintage resale shop in San Diego called "Home" in exchange for a brand new forever21 blouse and some leftover cash).

3) Vintage Saks 5th Avenue Gold Lion hardshell purse-$15

This is my most exciting find! The Santa Ana Assistance league has a section of the store dedicated to the higher end and more expensive items. I usually don't like checking out this section but being the thrift addict I am, I couldn't leave without checking it out. Thank god I did! In one of the display cases with the higher end vintage accessories and bags, I spotted this gem. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the price tag was only $15!!! I looked on eBay and similar vintage hardshell purses and clutches go from $80-$300 depending on the label. I have yet to find one exactly like this, which makes this find extra special. I cannot believe someone would donate this beautiful purse and that AL would only price it for $15! I don't know how long this piece was displayed in stores for, but I am still in shock that someone didn't already snatch it up before me. Luckily, this piece came home with me hehe. I am thoroughly in love with this piece and this has got to one in my top 5 best thift store finds ever! :) I smile just thinking about it.

All in all, a great thrift haul with some great finds. I hope you guys enjoy this post and I look forward to sharing more amazing thrift finds with you all in the near future. Until then, tata!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Buffalo Exchange Haul

Hey guys,
Since I finished all my midterms I finally have some down time and boy, have I done some catching up with shopping. ;) you guys have quite a few haul posts to look forward to in the near future. One of the first places i hit up was buffalo exchange. I still had some leftover store credit from my last trade with them and l wanted to use it up. I ended up not only using up my $12.75 in store credit but also handing over some cash to cover my full purchase. (Sigh) I swear, that's how they get you! Anyhoo, lets get onto the purchases:

1) Bow tube top:$9.50

This is definitely more of a spring/summer shirt but it's so girly and pretty, I just had to get it! Although the cameras not picking up the color well, it's actually a beautiful peachy pink color. The bow is a flowy chiffon material. This tube top looks adorable with a pair of high waist denim shorts and some cute wedge booties. ^^ very flower child.

2) Black Jedi Jacket-$13.00

Haha I didn't know what to call this jacket being that it doesn't have a brand or tag. If I'm not mistaken, this is probably a fashion student project. Although some people might be turned off by that I absolutely love that it's one of a kind! I really do feel that whoever made this put alot of effort into the details. I love how soft the material is and the way it looks on. I saw a few variations similar to this jacket in some high fashion magazines, but odviously I could never afford them, so I'm estatic about this find!

3)H&M Grey Booties-$12.50

Last item I picked up were a pair of grey booties. I have been looking for a nice pair of wedge booties that are comfortable and easy to pair up with outfits. To be honest, I must've picked these up, tried them on, and then put them back down at least a dozen times before finally manning up and buying them. Haha I'm so indecisive! Shopping always turns into a internal battle between myself and I as I decide what to buy. I swear I don't even find that many items I like when I shop but I'll take hours deciding which ones to take home with me. Ah, the problems of being a money frugal shopper.

The whole purchase came out to $37.80, but I used my store credit of $12.75, and ended up only shelling out $25.05 for three awesome items. Although this haul was a little on the expensive side(compared to my other thrifty finds) I feel pretty happy with my purchases. And that sums up my buffalo exchange hauls. Stay tuned for more thrift hauls coming your way, :) ill be updating those real soon! 

Much love<3