Sunday, October 13, 2013

Epic Garage Sale Haul- 8 items for $11

Hey guys,
I had the most amazing luck this week garage sale shopping! I hit up 3 separate neighborhood garage sales, which is probably the reason to my success. I have become addicted to garage sale shopping. I might even love it more than thrifting! I have found that garage sale prices are often 50%-75% cheaper than thrift stores. This is because thrift stores sell to make money. They often have overhead and employees that they have to pay, and still need to make a profit on top of that. In comparison, people have garage sales to get rid of their stuff. Often, they just want people to take these items off their hands. Also, when you go thrift store shopping, you don't know where these items come from. The way I see it is that garage sale shopping is just like thrifting, except you get to meet the owner whose used these items. :) And now, onto the haul:

*overview of haul:

1) Beige Hanging Shoe Organizer- $2
I have been looking for one of these for the longest time! Although this is made for storing shoes, it can be used to store other items as well. I am currently using it to store my thrift store finds. These retail for around $20 at target and walmart, but I got this for only $2! This one was in great condition, it seemed barely used. There were a few tiny stains, but I was able to easily wipe it down and clean it for use. 

2) Vintage Codello Zodiac Sign Scarf- $2
I have been looking high and low for a vintage silk scarf. I bought this from an old lady who had all sorts of vintage goodies. My friend managed to buy a Georgio Armani scarf for only $1 from her. This scarf is stunning! It has all the different zodiac signs trimming the border, with suns, stars, and moons adorning middle. I am in love, this is so unique and beautiful, I just cannot believe I got it for only $2! One of the most special finds I have ever found.

3) Jamaica Bay Hawaiian Crop Shirt- $2
I love that this Hawaiian shirt is a crop shirt- I have never seen that before. The beauty is in the details, such as the print, which reminds me of vacation postcards, and the buttons, which are wooden. This shirt goes great with my high waist denim shorts!

4) Blue Shop Hi-Low Lace and Chiffon Dress- $1
So pretty and feminine, and only for $1? Hello, can we say steal! 'Nuff said.

5) Spandex Pants with Chinese Artwork- $0.50

I actually just got back from studying abroad in China and I have to say, I have a new found love for anything oriental. These pants are super comfy, the artwork and chinese characters are beautiful, and they make my butt look good. On top of that, they only cost me 2 quarters! :) I am beyond happy with this purchase. 

6) Parasite Pals Bento Box- $0.50

This was actually brand new, with the plastic wrapping still intact! I asked the guy how much and he said "$0.50". I just remember the look on his wife's face; she definitely felt like he practically gave it away for nothing, but hey, yippee for me! I have been looking for a cute bento box to help me eat healthier and learn how to portion. I love how that this one has different layers and sections. I googled parasite pals and found that its little comic characters geared towards children, designed to teach children about parasites such as bed bugs, head lice, and stomach bug. Kind of awkward in my opinion, but they definitely teach a good lesson. 

7) H&M Blazer- $1
I am always looking for professional looking clothing, being that (*sigh) those high school days of short shorts and tiny tees are long over. If I want to give a good impression at job interviews, I need to dress for the job I want, not the job I have. These blazers usually range from $20-$30 at H&M(which is usually more expensive than F21). This blazer looked almost brand new, if not barely worn, so I was more than happy to shell out $1 to get it. It's like what people say, you don't have to pay a million bucks to look like a million bucks :)

8) X-Files Movie Poster- $2
I grew up watching x-files with my dad and I started rewatching all the season my freshman year of college so...yes I love x-files. Just the creepy title song brings back childhood memories for me. Ahhh, I remember being frightened to death by the different aliens and monsters...hmmm, this show could be the root to alot of my personal problems...haha Just kidding! But doesn't it look great on my wall? :p

Lastly, I did not buy this, but my friend Stacey's mom got this for me from Peru. Isn't it gorgeous? So beautiful, and I love the different color array of green stones. :) So thoughtful and sweet, I can't thank her enough!

Alright guys, that is my epic haul. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Until next time,
<3 Jess