Friday, March 16, 2012

My Makeup Collection

:) Hey guys,
I'm going to show you guys a preview of my makeup collection. In the near future I will do some posts that will go in depth of all the makeup items I own, but for now, just a lil teaser for you all! I have been trying so hard to find a good way to organize my makeup collection. :/ I tried using a small train case, but it didnt fit all my makeup. I also tried individual small trays, but it took up too much room. When I was back in San Diego last time, I found this at home and decided to try it out and wah lah! It's perfect :D I LOVE IT!!! I can find my makeup really easily and I have it all organized so splendidly. Mmk, off to the pictures:

overview of tray:

section where I have my paint pots,gel liners, etc:

my brow items:

my lip products:

my eyeshadow palettes:

my eyeliners and colored mascaras:

my blushes:

my foundations, primer, powder:

Hope you enjoyed this peak and stay tuned for the in depth post!
<3 jess