Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rite Aid 40% Wet n Wild Haul

Hey Guys,
I went back home this weekend and I went to my local rite aid for a look at the makeup aisle. To be honest, I hate my local rite aid -____- the makeup selection is quite small and the prices are rediculously overpriced!     I ended up still walking over to take a peak, because sometimes they have decent sales and with their whole rite aid bucks rewards, I often can get alot of makeup for very cheap! The sale that I was interested in was wet n wild 40% sale. So lets take a look at what I got:

First, I got two wild shine nail colors, one in blazed(left) and one in creamy poppy(right).
These were only $0.99 cents, and with the discount, they ended up costing $0.59!!! These colors are nice and bright, great for spring and summer. 

Next, I got a coloricon brow and eye liner in dark brown:
This pencil cost $0.99 and with the discount, ended up costing $0.59 also. I use to have this pencil but I lost it when I was out one day :( but for $0.99, it is always replaceable. It is a really great brow pencil. It has a waxy texture, so it keeps your brows in place and the color is super pigmented and lasts all day. I do use it also as an eyeliner, but :/ unfortunately, it does fade quite a bit and smear under my eyes. I probably won't use this just quite yet. I need to use up my elf brow kit and my wet n wild ultimate brow kit. 

I always wanted to try Wet n' wilds hyped about gel liner, so I picked this up, the mega eyes creme eyeliner in black:
haha the packaging reminds me of a spaceship saucer. As you can see, wet n wild does the same thing that E.L.F. does where they have clunky bulky packaging that gives the illusion that you're getting alot, but truly there's only a dime size amount of product:
the brush that comes with it:
I have not opened this yet because I am not done using my other eyeliners and I heard this gel liner dries up especially fast so I will open it when I need it. I have mac's blacktrack, so I will do a comparison post when I do start using it!

The next item is actually not wet n wild, but revlon. This is the Revlon multi-use palette. I remember when this came out it retailed for $13.99 at my rite aid. (-____-) rediculously right? Well I picked mine up for only $3.45! Yippe, good deal because you get 5 products and this is discontinued now and hard to find.(ebay has them for around $3-5 dollars+shipping, so if your interested, ;) check out ebay!)

The one I am showing you is actually my 1st one. Yes, I have two of these now. LOL. I am so wierd I know but I love love love the cheek colors in this palette and theres only a small tiny square of product so I had to get a back up. This palette comes with 2 cheek colors, 2 eye colors, and 1 lip color that comes with a tiny lip brush. Starting off with the cheek colors, these are just divine! I wish Revlon made full size versions of these colors. The white color is actually a highlight that comes off sheer with gold shimmer in it. I love this highlight. It is the best highlight I have ever used. Yes, better than benefit high beam, too faced candlelight powder, etc. I also use this as an eye brightener. The other cheek color is a coral color, great for summer! The consistency and pigmentation remind me of the NYC limited edition blush sticks in wild berry and pink flash(being that these were the only non shimmery ones NYC came out with). Really nice flush of color and the coral color goes great with the current coral/orange trend that seems to be really hot this spring. The last product is the lip color. This lip color is seriously like a lip stain! It is a bit dry in consistency but whats great about it is that once you apply it, the color is not going anywhere. It is staying on your lips! Reminds me of the red that geishas often wear. The lip brush is cute and useable, but because it is so small, I'm sure most people would find using their own lip brushes easier.

The last item is wet n wild $0.99 lipstick(which I got for $0.59) in Hot Paris Pink:

Swatched on hand:
on lips:
I saw temptalia do a post on this lipstick and the color looked stunning on her. I really like how it is not a true red, but rather a pinkish red color. Unfortunately my pictures don't do the lipstick justice. I love wet n wild $0.99 lipsticks. For the price you get amazing pigmentation and a wide selection to choose from. 

So thats my haul guys! Enjoy the rest of your week. I've actually been going crazy buying makeup so there will be more posts coming up soon. 
much luv,
<3 jess

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