Sunday, September 15, 2013

Exploring Fullerton's Thrift Stores (8/14/2013)

Hey guys,
Today, I have to admit something horrible... I'm getting sick of my nearby thrift stores. Don't get me wrong, I love my nearby thrift stores! I'm blessed w some of the best thrift stores around, that have the coolest stuff at the lowest prices. But sometimes a girl just wants to spice things up and explore something new. Luck would have it, I had to go all the way to Fullerton to get my car inspected. Fullerton is chalk full of thrift stores, so with the help of Yelp and the thriftbuddy app, I planned out an epic thrift store trip. Allow me to present the haul:

*haul overview:

 1) Budweiser Holiday Series (Limited Edition) Champion Clydesdale 1980 Mug- $1.91 (Sav-Mor Thrift)
I found this mug at Sav-Mor thrift store on Orangethorpe Ave. This mug caught my eye right away and I had a hunch that this might be worth something so I decided to google it. Imagine my surprise when I found that this was selling for close to $50-$100 on ebay! Apparently this is part of Budweiser's holiday series mugs and was the first of the series, made in 1980. I picked it up for $1.91 and listed it on my ebay. It sold for $30+shipping! :) Thrifting has not only become a way of saving money for me, but its is also blossoming into a source of some extra cash. I made a new ebay account just for my thrifting finds so I am excited to see if this takes off!
*ebay account: isntshilovely


2) Kikkoman Soy Sauce Spoon Plate- $1.91 (Sav-Mor Thrift)
Got this at the same thrift store as the budweiser mug. I thought this was so cute and would be a great addition to my kitchen. Sav-Mor prices are always cheap so it was not hard shelling out $2 for this. I did some research and this was apparently a free gift that kikkoman sent out to costumers with proof of purchase. I still think this is an awesome find. 

 3) Gold Plated Seashells Earrings- $3.00 (Zion Thrift Store)

I got this at the very first thrift store I went to on this thrift store trip. The thrift store is called Zion Thrift store, and it is associated with the Zion Church in Fullerton. I have to say, I really enjoyed this thrift store. They had all sorts of knick knacks and interesting items, and the prices were more than reasonable. This store definitely required digging but I only got to spend around 20 something minutes here because I had my car appointment. I am obsessed with these earrings. They caught my eyes right away when I was strolling by the counter and they reminded me of mermaids. These are made of real seashells that are gold plated and are handcrafted. When I went home, I couldn't find anything online from this brand nor any earrings similar to this so I feel like this is an extremely special find. 

4) adorable sea creature cake forks and spoons set- $3.99 (Savers)
This was my first time shopping at Savers and I must say, it was a blast. Savers is humongous! It is like the costco of thrift stores. There were so many items to choose from and look through, I was extremely overwhelmed(but in a good way!). I managed to find this gem in the knick knacks section. It was on the wall with all the other bagged random goodies. The other bags were random assortments of items. This is a cute animal fork and spoon set for cakes and pastries. Useful? Perhaps not the most, but it definitely is the cutest thing ever! I just had to snag it. I didn't find anything else in the other sections. Unfortunately, I feel like Saver's prices are a bit more expensive than my usual thrift stores, but they do have alot of different sales on colored tags. I believe that the day I went the sale color was yellow. I took advantage of a Yelp promotion and did a check in online and got 15% off my whole purchase ^^ whoo!

Alright, so that pretty much wraps up my haul. These were not the only thrift stores I went to, there were a few others I checked out. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything in those thrift stores, so they don't get mentioned in this post. But if you are ever in the Fullerton area I definitely recommend checking out their thrift stores! :) I promise you won't be disappointed.

Until next time,
<3 Jess

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  1. Great, well written article and have to agree, Zion Thrift Shop in Fullerton is a hidden gem. They've been growing a lot recently too. Many more categories of items, much more jewelry and collectibles, antiques and more. Getting better all the time.