Monday, August 26, 2013

Sav-Mor Thrift Haul and Assistance League of Anaheim Haul

Hey guys,
I'm here to present another haul. This one is from a while back. My favorite thrift store is Sav-Mor thrift. But I don't go too often because it is a 20 min drive and gas prices in my area are already up to $4.15 a gallon! The days I do get to go, I always manage to find something awesome for pennies on the dollar. Onto the haul:

1) 100% cashmere sweater-originally $1.91(30% off blue tags- $1.34)

I have always wanted a cashmere sweater but they are extremely expensive retail. Most go for around $100 and even on sale, they don't usually dip below the $30 line. So imagine my surprise when I found this cashmere sweater priced at only $1.91! On top of that, they were taking 30% off all blue tags, so I got it for only $1.34. This sweater is a size XL so it is pretty big on me, but I actually like how big oversized sweaters look on girls so I'm extremely happy with this find. 

 2) Tropical Hawaiian Flower Small Purse- $0.95

I have never ventured to Sav-Mor's purse section. You will usually find me digging through the clothing section or the home goods/trinkets. Their purse section is really just purses thrown on top of purses with no organization at all. I found alot of fake designer bags(miu miu, kate spade) and many of those cheap leather bags you can find at target or pac sun. The only thing that peaked my interest was this little hawaiian flower bag. I love the tropical feel of the print mixed with the wood design handles. On top of that, its petite size made it just irresistable to me so I had to buy it. And can we say wow to the price? $0.95 cents, that's not even a full dollar! 

Before I went to Sav-Mor thrift, I actually stopped by at the Assistance League of Anaheim. I have been going to the Assistance League of Irvine near my house for a while now, so I wanted to check this one out and see what they had. Unlike the Irvine one, this thrift store is alot bigger. They even have a section of the store dedicated to "higher end" brands. Most of the items in this boutique section was overpriced(in my opinion) but I managed to score an awesome find:

3) Theory Cargo Jacket- $3

Theory is one of my favorite designer brands. Their designs are clean and simple, which makes them great additions to anyone's closet as staple items.Unfortunately, Theory clothes cost a few hundred dollars retail so it's not usually in my price range.  Imagine my surprise when I found this jacket for only $3! When I got home I googled this on ebay, and this jacket retails for $345. Once again, I find a great deal through thrifting. And, being that the Assistance League is a charity thrift store, I know my money is going to a good cause.

And thats my mini haul :) Hope you guys enjoyed this post, more thrifting coming your way soon. In the meantime, hope you guys have been inspired to do some thrifting of your own!


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