Saturday, February 9, 2013

Craft Project: Mermaid Rave Bra :)

Hey guys,
just wanted to share with you guys the first rave bra I made by myself. I really enjoyed making this bra and I LOVE LOVE the finished outcome. I bought the bandeau top at salvation army. I believe it was around $3-$4 and it was originally a swim suit top. It came with a huge gold embellishment sewed in the middle, but I took it off. The detailing is done w/ flat backed craft pearls I got off ebay for $1. The shoulder straps was actually a forever21 necklace that I cut into smaller pieces to make into the straps. Time for the pictures, enjoy!
the forever21 necklace in its original state:

the mermaid bra:

*the shoulder straps are meant to hang down on the side; I was inspired by Jasmine, the disney princess from aladdin. 

Hope you guys like my creation ^^ have a great day!

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