Sunday, August 25, 2013

A New Direction For The Blog: Say Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New!

It's been ages since my last post.

I would always tell myself "tomorrow I'll make a post". But, somehow, tomorrow would turn into next week, next week to next month, and next thing I know, I've been MIA for almost a year! I've decided it's time for me to dust the cobwebs off this blog and start this project up again. I started this blog up 3 years ago, and as the years have past, just like all things with time, I have changed. Although I started this blog with the intention of sharing my knowledge and journey of makeup discovery, I realized that my passion for makeup is gone. In all honesty, I don't really care for makeup anymore! And so, this brings me to the main point of this post: I will no longer be centering my posts on makeup reviews or makeup hauls, but rather on...THRIFTING. Yes, my newly discovered passion is the art of finding treasure among trash. I will be posting on thrift store shopping, garage sale hunting, and all things secondhand. Once in a while, I might throw in an oddball post, but for the most part, I will be gearing my blog in this direction. For those of you who have enjoyed my makeup posts, I truly appreciate the support. I will still keep all my old posts so that you guys may enjoy! I'm both excited and nervous to begin this journey, but I'm diving in both feet first. So allow me to take a moment to extend an invitation for all of you to join me in this new fun adventure I am about to embark on. All aboard!

Jessica Shi

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