Monday, August 26, 2013

Assistance League of Irvine Thrift Store Haul (8/23/2013)

Hey guys,
today was one of those days where I just had the sudden urge to do some thrifting and so, I headed to my nearest thrift store after class. Things have been extremely stressful with summer school and thrifting always seems to relax me during these times of tension. The closest thrift store to my house is the Assistance League of Irvine. Small and quaint, this thrift store is tucked in between some business office buildings. The first time I came here, I actually drove right past it! Although this thrift store is small, I have managed to find many awesome treasures on my trips. And even though their prices are higher than my favorite thrift store(Sav-Mor), they compensate this fact by having weekly blowout sales and deals. Enough chit-chat, let's get onto the haul!
*overview of all the items I got
1) Scratch Trivia Wrapping Paper(California Edition): $0.50
This ain't no ordinary wrapping paper! Imprinted on it are tons and tons of trivia fact questions. Each question has multiple choice answers and scratch bubbles next to them so that you can "scratch" to figure out the right answer. I got this for wrapping my brother's Christmas presents. I know Christmas is a long ways off, but this was just too awesome to pass on and it only cost two quarters! My brother loves to learn odd facts and that lil' brain of his is filled with all sorts of knowledge. My friends even call him Wikipedia! On top of that, he is very bad at waiting to open presents. Last year, our whole family opened presents a week before Christmas. I guess it runs in the family. So, I thought this wrapping paper would keep him occupied and amused while he is forced to patiently wait for Christmas Eve. 

2) Travel Size Hand Sanitizer- $0.25 each
Ever since going to China, I have become a huge germaphobe. I guess having to deal with smog, pollution, and mysterious smelly puddles in China has made me extremely fearful of bacteria. I'm not actually a full blown germaphobe now, but I have a new found appreciation for hand sanitizer. I actually have big bottles everywhere in my house and one in my car for cleaning my hands after thrifting. These are the perfect size to throw in my purse and how could I say no when they are priced at a mere 25 cents each!

And my last and favorite find:
3) Vintage "The Icing" Black Crop Jacket(with gold animal accent detailing)- $10
*vintage brand: the icing
 *gold animal accents: zebra, elephant, lion, and even a palm tree!
*original price- $20 but the sale of the day was 50% on blue tag and blue stickered items
I have wanted this jacket for months now! I found it a while back but I could never justify spending $20 dollars on a secondhand jacket, no matter how awesome the gold animal accents are. Luckily, today they were having a sale on all blue tags and blue stickered items(50% off) and so, I got this jacket for only $10! Although still a little on the pricey side for a thrifted jacket, I doubt anyone else will be sporting the same jacket, and that in my mind, justifies the price. After I got back home, I googled this brand on ebay, and it seems that this brand's jackets use to retail for around $100-$150, so it was definitely a steal. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so that I can finally start wearing this.

total spent: $11

And that concludes my haul. :) Stay tuned, more thrifting coming your way soon! Until then, tata<3

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