Saturday, November 30, 2013

Collective Haul: Goodwill, Sav-Mor, Yard Sale

Hey guys,
This is a collective haul that I've amassed the past week or so. Pretty lazy today, so this post will be short ^^, enjoy!

*collective haul overview:

1) "The Daily Times" Newspaper dish
-$0.95 from Sav-Mor Thrift
Such a unique dish! I think it would be a perfect jewelry holder for earrings and rings.

2) brand new "Life" board game
-$1.91 from Sav-Mor thrift
My family loves playing board games and life is one board game we've wanted for a while now. It was less than $2 and all the game pieces are still in the plastic packaging! I can't wait to bring this back home for Thanksgiving and have a family game night. :)

3) Dooney and Bourke bag
-$14.99 from Goodwill
I have always wanted a vintage D&B bag and it's perfect size as a school bag! I can fit my iPad and my various notebooks and pencils/pens. Also the colors are great, easy to match with any outfits.

not individually pictured:
4) black sneaker wedges(brand new)
-$3 from Goodwill
I got this for my roommate who has been looking high and low for a pair of sneaker wedges.
5) polaroid camera
-$1 at a yard sale :( unfortunately, it doesn't work. Sigh, the search for a vintage polaroid camera continues.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, ill be posting more soon enough, I promise!
Until then,
<3 Jess

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