Friday, November 22, 2013

Buffalo Exchange Haul

Hey guys,
Since I finished all my midterms I finally have some down time and boy, have I done some catching up with shopping. ;) you guys have quite a few haul posts to look forward to in the near future. One of the first places i hit up was buffalo exchange. I still had some leftover store credit from my last trade with them and l wanted to use it up. I ended up not only using up my $12.75 in store credit but also handing over some cash to cover my full purchase. (Sigh) I swear, that's how they get you! Anyhoo, lets get onto the purchases:

1) Bow tube top:$9.50

This is definitely more of a spring/summer shirt but it's so girly and pretty, I just had to get it! Although the cameras not picking up the color well, it's actually a beautiful peachy pink color. The bow is a flowy chiffon material. This tube top looks adorable with a pair of high waist denim shorts and some cute wedge booties. ^^ very flower child.

2) Black Jedi Jacket-$13.00

Haha I didn't know what to call this jacket being that it doesn't have a brand or tag. If I'm not mistaken, this is probably a fashion student project. Although some people might be turned off by that I absolutely love that it's one of a kind! I really do feel that whoever made this put alot of effort into the details. I love how soft the material is and the way it looks on. I saw a few variations similar to this jacket in some high fashion magazines, but odviously I could never afford them, so I'm estatic about this find!

3)H&M Grey Booties-$12.50

Last item I picked up were a pair of grey booties. I have been looking for a nice pair of wedge booties that are comfortable and easy to pair up with outfits. To be honest, I must've picked these up, tried them on, and then put them back down at least a dozen times before finally manning up and buying them. Haha I'm so indecisive! Shopping always turns into a internal battle between myself and I as I decide what to buy. I swear I don't even find that many items I like when I shop but I'll take hours deciding which ones to take home with me. Ah, the problems of being a money frugal shopper.

The whole purchase came out to $37.80, but I used my store credit of $12.75, and ended up only shelling out $25.05 for three awesome items. Although this haul was a little on the expensive side(compared to my other thrifty finds) I feel pretty happy with my purchases. And that sums up my buffalo exchange hauls. Stay tuned for more thrift hauls coming your way, :) ill be updating those real soon! 

Much love<3

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